Business Model Enablement

Use the Integrated Digital Services platform to power your next-generation digital services ecosystem

Our enablement platform lets you monetize your network's capabilities

A thriving ecosystem of services and apps creates a return on investment for APIs

End-to-End Platform

Use our Integrated Digital Services platform to expand your innovation footprint by onboarding, managing and distributing services

Everything anchors to your network via a telephone number, mobile or fixed-line

Our Phone Number Orchestration platform expands your number footprint via our multi-tenant exchange

Smart Actions

Actions take APIs and turn them into something smarter. Provide solutions and use cases, not just apps or services

Actions are automated activities that can be priced and provisioned for a Network, but also Orchestrated at run-time

Activity in the network securely drives Digital Services behavior, all controlled via a single-tap mobile app

Business Model Enablement

It's not enough to expose powerful APIs and sit back.

Success comes from monetizing the integration of Digital Services to these APIs - with freemium, paid and direct-to-operator billed models.

Our platform integrates over your network, safely exposing your APIs to Digital Services in a way designed to build a marketplace of apps and services that can be provisioned, priced and published.

Our Actions app provides a simple, beautiful, one-tap design for subscribe acquisition.

Take monetizable innovation to your markets in internet time.

End-to-End Platform

Our Integrated Digital Services platform allows innovative Digital Services that improve worker productivity, enhance collaboration, keep families safe to be added to your offerings and rapidly taken to market.

Price, bundle and provision these services in simple ways, and let your users acquire them. Shango's platform does the heavy lifting of integrating to your billing, provisioning and network APIs so that services onboard and distribute to subscribers in mere weeks.

Shango's TN orchestration platform is a patented multi-tenant Saas platform that eliminates the complexities of sourcing and fulfilling telephone number procurement and provisioning.

The ability to attach services and aps whether they be communication based or other digital services to a telephone number is at the core of our vision for both our platforms.

All integrated via normalized APIs on a one-to-many basis for network operators and digital service providers.

Shango's enablement platform lets communications providers get to market with minimal friction and maximum value.

Smart Actions

Actions link digital services to a network, for simplified provisioning and automated activities. Innovation that subscribers already love with digital services today can be enhanced, offered and billed through the Shango platform.

Digital services can be acquired and directly provisioned to a subscriber. Network activity - voice calls, texts, location - can drive improved experiences through automated integration.

These activities are expressed in the simple but powerful Action, designed with a mobile-first, one-tap, free or paid, acquire and use experience that can take your Digital Services strategy directly to users, removing friction and improving time-to-market.

Platform Content

Onboarding Digital Services simply define, integrate, and publish their services and apps as Actions for operators and their subscribers.

Acquisition and Use Subscribers authenticate, browse, choose, and manage the curated Actions their network has made available.

Curation Operators browse, choose and manage chosen services and apps (via catalogs) for distribution to their subscribers.

Policy and Routing Engine Executes activity into disparate services and apps based on network communication activity and the set of Actions subscribers have chosen.

Digital Services Integration Points Connection points between the platform and external services and apps to support their acquisition and use by network subscribers.

Network APIs Connection points between the platform and communications network elements for provisioning, identity, auth, billing and run-time activity (e.g. SMS copies, call notifications, ...)

Platform and Cluster Utilities The tech that makes our platform geo-redundant, elastic, scalable and supportable, whether in our cloud or yours.

Featured Actions


Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share.


Salesforce is a global cloud computing company with award winning CRM products.

Google Drive

Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage.


Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace.


Pathshare uses your phone's GPS to share your location in realtime with anyone you choose.

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